About us

Hey, you finally made it here, and we meet again.


Your arrival and our presence here are no coincidence. Reflect on your past experiences — was any step really a "coincidence"? Does it not seem like every step was designed, and all you needed was that great hand of fate to push you forward? What is a choice of the self, and what is destiny?

Now you've arrived here, at the nexus of fate.


Choice is destiny, and the cluster of thoughts making that choice isn't necessarily the you who is using your eyes, nose, and ears to read these words right now.

Deep within us, there is definitely something. Yes, there must be something magical guiding our thoughts, allowing us to speak, observe the world, and continually progress along our own destined paths.

I am Maya, let us explore together what we are.


A community of shared future for mankind is a familiar concept to many. It applies to environmental protection, cultural development, life sciences, mysticism, and all scenarios, including the present — right here.

Our inner selves are filled with spirituality and divinity; each of us is born great, and I need not repeat this often. But is humanity the only existence on Earth? In the universe, beyond what our mere physical eyes can see, aren't there other possibilities? Why are we here?


The cycle of birth, aging, sickness, and death involves a variety of characters and relationships, but also everything else, all of it. Everything you go through leaves a mark; your current thoughts and ideas spread around you, creating your world. Yes, everything about you in this world shows who you are, and you create everything about you! How wonderful is that!

This means we are never truly alone; there is only eternal connection!


Nothing can truly separate us, because our worlds are intertwined. Even the illusion of separation is experienced by many — see, even in separation, you cannot truly be alone. Regrettably, we often take surface phenomena as reality, which is the biggest cause of the pain of separation.

I can say that your experiences are your personal expansion, and what has been experienced will not be repeated; life is a constantly changing new theater. How do we create the theater we want?


Here's another hint for you, dear. Have you noticed? Our memories of the past are always emotional experiences, and any choice made will not contradict our emotional experience pattern. Even if the result of rational thought, it will still comply with emotional changes to make a choice; in your mind, it's "I think," but actually, it's your heart, your soul telling you "I want."

Emotions are the source of creation. The emotions that arise nourish your life energy; happiness expands us, fear contracts us. The essence of life energy comes from these two fundamental patterns, always transforming into one another, with no absolute happiness or fear, always fluctuating on this seesaw.


We finally come to our main point, which might interest you in front of the screen.

How can we become aware of whether we are creating in a mode of happiness or fear? Is there a way to create what we truly want? I've had enough of the pain and embarrassment that old patterns bring.

Awareness and perception are the keywords for Aifeelin. I'm very grateful that someone has already used the name “I feeling”, thus we created Aifeelin as our name. I like the letter A, the first among the 26 letters and the first vowel, placed at the start of Aifeelin like a primal intention born on Earth. We can easily make the sound 'a', just as we can easily perceive everything.

In the world of perception, everything is related to oneself; spiritual unity is an eternal truth. Your computer retains traces of your usage; the water cup you've used tells of your habits, or what you once used it for; your bed will clearly indicate whether it needs cleaning, and your wardrobe expresses your recent state.

Is this magical? It's not magical, because these are all expansions of your self, and Aifeelin encourages us to use perception to see how we are expanding, what information we carry about ourselves, and to make uninfluenced choices that truly reflect our hearts, thus creating the future we desire.


The future lies in the ever-changing choices; don't forget what we mentioned before, let's now officially introduce Aifeelin and Maya!

Aifeelin is a field created by Maya, yes, this place is an energy field. Maya is me, the person writing these words, and also every one of you watching this. I love perception itself; through perception, I recognize different energy states, which I find quite intriguing. For example, an orange; I maintain a good connection with it, and for me, the orange is no longer just a fruit named orange, but the essence of orange — a passionate and joyful experience that lifts my spirits, a small moment that leaves a joyful experience in my life, this is my happy mode.

After years of exploration and continuously expanding perception, at least at this stage, I feel that what every soul inherently desires is happiness, to have more joyful experiences, unity experiences, rather than the contraction of fear. Sometimes, the contraction of fear is temporary, and lifting this lid can lead us to feel more relaxed and happy; this process is a spiraling ascent, a process of awakening.


Thus, I want to create a filed, a filed that helps more beings open their own channels of perception. As you deepen your connection with Aifeelin, your own channel of perception gradually becomes clearer, allowing you to feel different, completely new worlds; this is the original intention behind Maya creating this place.


If you seek to discover the true self, to create experiences you truly desire, and to feel the beauty of all existence, congratulations, you've come to the right place.

This place is harmonious, beautiful, making the mysterious un-mysterious. It's filled with hope.

Here you discover the greatness within yourself, an unlimited divine creation that always occurs within you.

This is what I want to do, so I did it. I think this is what you need, so you came.

There is no one-way calling; I am watching you, and you are watching me. This is connection, our eternal unity.

Welcome back.


Now for the gratitude:

Grateful for the universe clearly making us understand our divine nature.

Grateful for all spiritual explorers' research and selfless sharing, allowing us to feel love and hope.

Grateful that our natural channels of perception are openly receptive to love.

Grateful for all the hints and guidance that come our way, reminding us that we are always loved.

Grateful that all encounters carry wonderful factors, enabling us to create a more beautiful life.


Words to the soul:

I know you are also here.

Love makes us eternal.